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  • Carol:
    New season and I'm looking for an oil company. Asked...
  • Lisa:
    My oil company went out of business, and a large...
  • Stephanie:
    We had a new tank installed in our new apartment....
  • Paul:
    B-line is the best. I ran into a problem, no...
  • Cathy:
    Love, Love this company, they have a great product, they...

B-Line Oil Mission Statement

At B-Line Oil Company our mission is to provide superior service with no hidden fees or additional charges.

Redefining the Fuel Business Mentality

Defining yourself against corporate companies is hard enough for small businesses in a good economy and nearly impossible in a bad one. Yet despite the odds B-line Oil Company is heating up the competition by offering night, weekend, and emergency deliveries all for the same price; staying true to their motto, B-Line “Where it is About More Than Just Price”.


Products & Services

1. We are committed to providing superior service with NO additional charges.
2. We currently offer K1 and #2 Oil Delivery services.
3. We offer Oil Delivery Gift Certificates so you can give the gift of warmth.